Popular Mechanics: Cadillac ATS Top Luxury Car

In a recent report rating the best vehicles of the year the 2013 Cadillac ATS has taken the title as king of luxury. Naming top spots in other categories like hauling, versatility, and performance, Popular Mechanics looked at numerous vehicles to determine which car rises above the competition, and as usual, a Cadillac sedan in once again at the top.

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Cadillac remains the luxury choice in Cedar Rapids

Popular Mechanics didn’t just hand this award to the Cadillac ATS, it was earned with a wide array of features and advanced engineering accomplishments, creating a compact sedan that is as exhilarating and it is luxurious.

Cadillac ATS features such incredible technologies as the Bose Noise Reduction system, 360 degree radar detection, and safety alert seating, which vibrates the right, left, or simultaneous sides of the seat when a collision is detected.

These features coupled with a light, sporty design and powerful engine have made Cadillac the undisputed king of luxury cars, and have propelled the ATS to the top of the 2013 class.

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