2014 GMC Sierra Will Have Segment-Leading Torque Rating

2014 GMC Sierra Will Have Segment-Leading Torque Rating


The 2014 GMC Sierra is getting some serious capability, and the 4.3L EcoTec V6 engine will give the 2014 Sierra the most torque for any standard V6 in the segment.

2014 Sierra pickups with the 4.3L V6 will have a torque rating of 305 lb-ft. The trucks will be able to trailer up to 7,200 lbs with the regular cab, short bed, four-wheel drive configuration.

GM says this new trailering number is 500 lbs. more than an equivalent Ford F-150 and 700 lbs. more than the Ram 1500.

Why Torque Matters

When you use a wrench to loosen a bolt, you’re using torque.

In a nut shell, torque is the force that gets a vehicle going and helps it pulls heavy loads and cruise uphill. Higher torque ratings are important for people who use their trucks for hauling and towing, especially heavy items.

Basically, the higher the torque, the easier your vehicle will be able to handle heavy payloads.

4.3L V6

Season of Sierra

The 2014 GMC Sierra will arrive in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City later this summer. It will have three optional engines, each one offering unique performance and capabilities.

GMC has a history of durable and fully capable pickups. The 2014 Sierra will feature advanced engine technology:

Active Fuel Management: Increases fuel-economy by seamlessly deactivating cylinders during low-demand situations, such as cruising down the highway or waiting at a stoplight.

Variable Valve Timing: Optimizes the camshaft timing to improve low RPM torque and high RPM horsepower.

Direct Injection: Precisely delivers fuel into the combustion chamber allowing for better torque and power while improving fuel-economy.

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