Why the Sierra’s Body is the Most Underrated Aspect of the Entire Vehicle

Why the Sierra’s Body is the Most Underrated Aspect of the Entire Vehicle

Reviewers and automotive experts have spent plenty of time and energy  discussing the advanced engines and drivetrain powering the 2014 GMC Sierra.

For good reason, these technologies have received the lion’s share of attention, but there is a part of the all-new Sierra that has gone unfairly under the radar: the high-strength, lightweight frame and body.

The frame in the 2014 GMC Sierra has just as much science, technology, and innovation as any part on the truck, and it’s about time it received the attention it deserves.

2014 GMC Sierra: Why the Advanced Body Matters

2014 Sierra'

The 2014 GMC Sierra at McGrath Buick GMC Cadillac

Chemistry, geometry, physics, aerodynamics, aesthetics, and more went into the Sierra’s frame, creating a strong and stunning, yet surprisingly lightweight, body for the already impressive truck.

General Motors compares the Sierra’s frame to the body of a world-class athlete, saying that the replacement of traditional steel with lightweight, high-strength steels is similar to “athletes who burn fat and build muscle to become more competitive”.

According to a press release from General Motors, high-strength steels make up two-thirds of the new Sierra’s cab structure.

The meticulous and strategic use of different steels have helped the Sierra shave hundreds of pounds, contributing to the Sierra’s segment-leading fuel-economy.

These advanced metals also contribute to the Sierra’s superior towing capability. Think about it: while a truck is towing a trailer, the engine is propelling both the load and the truck itself. Hence, if the truck is lighter, it saves towing capacity for the trailer.

By using these advanced metals, the GMC brings a one-two punch, with top-of-the-line towing and superior fuel economy.

“Our customers tell us they want better fuel economy, but only if it doesn’t come at the expense of capability.”

– Jeff Luke, GMC Sierra Engineer


These highly advanced materials also assist the Sierra’s excellent safety rating. In August, the 2014 GMC Sierra, along with its sibling Chevy Silverado, became the first truck to ace the updated safety tests from the NHTSA. The high-strength steel frame was accounted for in the final analysis.

2014 Silverado and Sierra Get Lean and Mean

The metals used in the 2014 Sierra: Click to enlarge

According to the U.S. Steel Corp., using advanced high-strength steel is the fastest growing trend in auto manufacturing.

General Motors says that parts made from these steels can be 39% lighter than parts made from traditional steel.

Advanced metals were also used in the Sierra’s engines.

All three engines available for 2014 are made of lightweight aluminum, further reducing the truck’s curb-weight without sacrificing quality and durability.

The fact is, engines will always get the most attention. They create the power, make the truck roar, and represent the heart of a vehicle. But without the advanced frame, the Sierra couldn’t be the incredible pickup that it has become.


2014 GMC Sierra for Cedar Rapids

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