Top 5 2014 GMC Terrain Truck Accessories

Although the 2014 GMC Terrain is technically an SUV/crossover, and a midsize one at that, it does sometimes seem like a truck due to its excellent utility and usefulness. This SUV is truly a crossover in that it can comfortably fit your family and haul heavier cargo than a typical car would be able to do.

2014 GMC Terrain  Iowa

When you take a look at the available accessories for this SUV, you will notice that some are items you would typically find in a car or SUV, while others are more reminiscent of truck accessories. In addition to the basic options, such as cargo mats or floor mats to protect the interior, there are other great accessories for this vehicle that can enhance its usefulness.


Rear Bumper Fascia Protector

If you plan on using your 2014 GMC Terrain for heavy-duty situations like those that you would normally a need a truck in, you may want to consider getting a rear bumper fascia protector. This easily attaches to the cargo area so you can load or unload your trunk portion without scratching the rear bumper. It is even easy to store when not in use.


Molded Splash Guards

Another great accessory to help you use your GMC Terrain to the fullest is the molded splash guards, which are available for both the front and rear wheels. These guards are molded and specifically designed to fit in place behind the Terrain’s wheels, protecting it from mud and splashes.


Exterior Cargo Racks

Perhaps the top accessories for any SUV crossover are those that make it easier to store cargo. There is a wide range of cargo racks directly from GMC designed for the Terrain to help with this and keep specific items in place. If you have a bike, skis, or a kayak, you can get specific cargo racks for the rear or top of the vehicle for these items. There are also general luggage racks, including a small one for the rear of the SUV and a larger one that fits over the top.


Interior Cargo Storage

Not all of your storage needs to take place outside of your GMC Terrain, and there is a good amount of cargo space available, especially if you fold down the rear seats. You can opt for a simple item to make storing small objects easier, such as a cargo organizer or net. The top interior storage accessory, however, is probably the shade that you can attach to your car and simply pull back to cover items, protecting them from the sun and prying eyes.


Hitch Trailering Package

Many people choose to get the 2014 GMC Terrain because of its nature as an SUV/crossover, and one of the best ways to take advantage of this classification is to get a hitch trailering package to let you easily attach a trailer or boat.

To learn more about the 2014 GMC Terrain or the accessories available for it, talk to the professionals at Pat McGrath GMC in Hiawatha, Iowa.

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