Top 5 Features on the GMC Canyon

Top 5 Features on the GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon, back for the 2015 model year after taking a a short break, is one of the most innovative and game-changing vehicles of the year.

With a wide range of unique and industry-exclusive features, the Canyon will be a great truck for people who need a hard-working yet comfortable vehicle.

So what are the best features? With so many choices, choosing the top 5 was pretty tough, but these are our favorite.

Top 5 GMC Canyon Features:

#5 – Teen Driver Mode:

canyon screenThis available option is a configurable setting that allows parent to set limits on the vehicle and control access with a PIN.

Parents can pre-set a maximum radio volume, establish speed warnings, and even set a speed limiter. The system also creates report cards for mileage, speed, and more.


#4 – LED Headlamps:

LEDHelping it stand out visually from all other midsize trucks, the Canyon features GMC’s C-shaped LED daytime running lamps.

Two lines of LED lights are present on each side, one above and one below the projector beam headlight.


#3 – Integrated Bumper Step:

bumper stepBorrowing a popular feature from the current GMC Sierra full-size trucks, the Canyon holds an integrated bumper step that allows easier access to the bed.

For people who need to get in and out of the bed multiple times on a daily basis, this feature will be extremely useful.


#2 – Auto Trac 4WD:

Auto TracSet in “Auto” mode, the system electronically controls the transfer case, shifting from 2WD to 4Wd when the vehicle senses a slip. Drivers can also select “2WD”, “4WD Hi”, or “4WD Lo”, setting the vehicle to a drive type without electronic intervention.


#1 – Versatile Bed Tie-Downs:

tie downsThe 2015 GMC Canyon is being built with multiple integrated tie-downs in the bed, giving drivers a versatile bed that can be fit for carry almost anything. With four stationary and 13 movable tie-downs, the GMC Canyon can help you haul bikes, bales of hay, kayaks, and more.


Honorable Mention – Duramax Diesel:

canyon duramaxWhile it won’t be available until the 2016 model comes around, the GMC Canyon will be offered with a Duramax 2.8L turbodiesel engine.

Although performance and fuel-economy numbers haven’t been released yet, GM says the Duramax diesel will offer more torque and more power.

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