Cadillac XTS Used in Latest Safety Technology Test

Cadillac XTS Used in Latest Safety Technology Test

Automotive technology developer Continental is using a 2013 Cadillac XTS to test the latest development in visual alert technology.

The system uses a combination of infrared cameras, radar sensors, and running LED lights to monitor driver focus and give warnings for upcoming hazards.

Cadillac XTS Being Used to Test New Safety Features

Continental has dubbed it the Halo system, and it starts with infrared cameras focused on the driver. The camera targets four specific locations on the drivers face: both eyes, nose, and chin, and use these points to determine where the driver is looking.

If the camera determines that the driver is looking away from the road, LED lights that run around the interior will flash and move to redirect the driver’s attention.

Halo also uses radar sensors to give warnings of upcoming hazards. If a potential collision is anticipated, the LED lights flash an attention-grabbing red.

The lights will vary in color based on the perceived danger, from white, yellow, orange, to red in the most hazardous situations.

Bringing Existing Technology Together

It’s important to note that Continental really isn’t developing anything new here. What they are doing is simply trying to find the best way to utilize existing technologies to create a safer driving experience.

Researchers from other areas have found that people are becoming desensitized to audio alarms, so visual cues and lights may be the future of driver assist technology.

So what works best to regain driver attention? What’s more effective: visual or audio cues? These are the types of questions that Continental is trying to answer. The Cadillac XTS being used is another step towards a safer driving experience.

Although the system is still being tweaked, leaders from Continental think the technology will be integrated into cars in the near future.

Take a look at this video from the Detroit Free Press:

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