General Motors and Ford Teaming Up on Transmissions

General Motors and Ford Teaming Up on Transmissions

Rivals are teaming up.

In an effort to efficiently manufacture 9 and 10-speed transmissions, Ford and General Motors, the parent company of Cadillac, GMC, and Buick, will join forces.

The gearboxes will be made for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, crossovers, trucks, and full-size SUVs.

While this partnership may seem like Alabama and Auburn teaming up to field a football team, the two companies say combining forces will allow the transmissions to be made faster and cheaper, creating more affordable cars without sacrificing quality.

Production on both types of transmissions is expected to begin in 2016.

Ford and GM Teaming Up – Again?

It may surprise you to learn that this new agreement is actually an expansion of an existing agreement. Currently Ford and GM have an 11 year partnership on 6-speed transmissions.

Black 2014 Sierra2

The GMC Sierra 1500 could share a common transmission with its rival, the  Ford F-150

While each company currently creates their own transmissions, they share many common components.

According to Automotive News, GM will develop the 9-speed transmission and Ford will lead development of the 10-speed transmission.

These new transmissions are expected “raise the standard of technology, performance, and quality”, according to Jim Lanzon, GM’s VP of global transmission engineering.

Both companies will likely put the 10-speeds in pickups, larger SUVs, and performance cars.

It’s possible that long-time rivals, the GMC Sierra and Ford F-150, could carry the same transmission. To truck enthusiast and automotive historians, that may sound like the Hawkeyes and Cyclones sharing a running-back.

The 9-speed will likely see wide use through both companies’ larger cars and crossovers. Possible recipients of the 9-speed include the Cadillac CTS, Ford Taurus, Buick Enclave, and Ford Escape.

A higher gear count allows for many advantages, most importantly increasing fuel-economy and lowering emissions, which will help Ford and GM reach their fuel-consumption requirements in the future. Higher gear transmissions also give smoother acceleration.

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