General Motors Teams with Honda for Fuel-Cell Technology

General Motors Teams with Honda for Fuel-Cell Technology

General Motors and Honda are teaming up to develop a shared system of fuel-cell technology, with the goal of having them on showrooms by 2020.

The shared system will cut development costs, likely creating more affordable fuel-cell powered cars.

The partnership also hopes to expand the fuel-cell refueling network, which is considered a major barrier to consumer adoption.

Partnering for the Future

General Motors and HondaGeneral Motors and Honda are already leaders in fuel-cell technology, which creates energy from a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen in the car’s fuel-cell stack.

Like a battery powered car, the vehicle stores the energy and uses electric motors to propel the vehicle.

Fuel-cell cars only emit water through the tailpipe, which is considered by many to be the technology’s biggest advantage.

Although fueling stations cost $1 million to $2 million, the automakers are pursuing the technology as part of a comprehensive strategy to meet stiffer emission regulations that will take effect later this decade.

Hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery-powered vehicles are also part of the strategy.

Saving Cost with Teamwork

The cost of developing fuel-cell technology is high in part because the platinum used in the stacks in expensive and the storage of gaseous hydrogen is very complex and requires high-priced carbon fiber material for storage tanks.

Working together, the two automakers believe they can commercialize affordable fuel-cell vehicles faster than working separately.

Engineers from GM and Honda expect to work side-by-side to create the common system.

A report from Automotive News doesn’t specify which vehicles will receive the fuel-cell technology, or if the automakers will create new nameplates for the developed system.

In 2007, GM released a fleet of 119 hydrogen-powered Chevy Equinox crossovers to use in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C. Thanks to that project, GM now has almost 3 million miles of data for evaluation.

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