The Presidential Cadillac: An American Tradition

The Presidential Cadillac: An American Tradition

In honor of President Obama’s second inauguration, we’d like to look at one of the most viewed cars in the country: the presidential Cadillac, known as Cadillac One, or simply: The Beast. The presidential Cadillac limo is one of the most well-know, yet mysterious vehicles in the world. Due to security purposes, as few details as possible are given to the public. Not only is it high-tech, it’s also top-secret.

However, there are some details we do know:

Cadillac One also has some unexpected surprises. For emergencies, a pouch of the president’s blood type is carried along for the ride. The limo also has vents that release tear gas and can launch smoke canisters. In case of a biochemical attack, the Cadillac carries its own oxygen tank and can seal itself off from the environment. The car also has a night-vision camera, and an unspecified number of pump-action shotguns.

Obviously, Cadillac One has an immense amount of bullet-proof armor. One of the doors weights as much as a door to a Boeing 747 and the five-inch thick glass can stop armor-piercing bullets.

The car also features a kevlar undercoating, steel wheels that can maintain highway speeds without tires, and microphones for outside communication without rolling down the windows. In fact, only one window (the driver’s) rolls down at all, and only three inches, allowing communication with Secret Service agents.

Weighed down with all armor, a beefed-up chassis (which is actually from the GMC TopKick), and a plethora of equipment, the president’s Cadillac gets around 8 mpg. There are also reports that it maxes out at 60 mph.

Inside the limo, it’s all presidential luxury. While riding in Cadillac One, Mr. Obama has access to a foldaway desktop, laptop computer, satellite phone, and direct line to the Pentagon.

Traditionally, the President of the United States has ridden in a Cadillac, although other presidents have ridden in Chrysler and Lincoln limousines.

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