Keep Your Tires at their Best

Keep Your Tires at their Best

Tire Changes and Other Information

If you’re like most drivers you probably only think about your tires when they’re flat. That’s because tires are meant to be invisible; they’re supposed to connect you to the road, keep you planted and stable in poor conditions, and roll over the rough patches — but chances are if you notice them during your transit there’s a problem. McGrath Buick GMC Cadillac performs tire service of all kinds and is happy to help you make the best decisions about when to change your tires and which tires are best depending on the make and model, your driving habits, and the season.


Tires Age Regardless Of Their Actual Mileage

Whether you’re driving 20,000 miles a year or 2,000, your tires do age and decay. That’s why it’s important to change your tires even if measuring the tread tells you that they have plenty of life left. The tread method of determining tire wearworks to measure whether or not your tires are balding, but old tires might need to be replaced whether or not there’s tread left. Of course good tread is important for maintaining traction in rough or wet conditions and if you drive an average amount or more the tread measurement method will be accurate. However if you drive less than average this may delay your decision to change your tires until the rubber has broken down enough to be dangerous. As a tire ages the rubber compounds grow more brittle and can begin to separate. If the tread separates from the casing while driving the results can be catastrophic.


Beware of Used And Even New Tires

When you buy used tires you have no way to know what kind of conditions they were put through. Even if a tire looks relatively unharmed, extreme weather and temperatures, collisions, and punctures could all have compromised its integrity. It’s equally important that when you buy new tires that you make sure they actually are new and not a tire that has been sitting in the repair shop for years; a good mechanic should be willing to guarantee that your tires are new. If you’re not sure, you can check the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration code on the tire sidewall.


Pat McGrath Buick GMC is Cedar Rapids’ Cadillac Certified Service Center located right next to I-380 in Hiawatha. We’re happy to talk about tires anytime. Come visit our service department to determine the age of your tires or schedule a service appointment online.

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