Cadillac ATS vs The World: The Global Adventure

Cadillac ATS vs The World: The Global Adventure

Over the past couple months, the Cadillac ATS has won numerous awards and honors. It was Popular Mechanic’s best luxury vehicle, Esquire Magazine’s Car of the Year, and North American Car of the Year, just to name a few.
In honor of the highly regarded ATS’s achievements, we’d like to look back at Cadillac ATS vs The World, a global challenge pitting the ATS against the most rigorous conditions.

Last summer Cadillac released a series of videos featuring the ATS tackling global challenges.

The producers of the video traveled to Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia to put the Cadillac ATS through rough terrain, extreme winds, winding raceways, and tight corners.

If you want a sample of global adventuring, take a look at the videos below, starting with a brief introduction and moving to four individual challenges:

Cadillac ATS vs. The World

With an adventuring spirit and desire to explore remote corners of the globe, the filmmakers went in search of the ultimate auto challengers. To tackle the challenges, they brought along none other than the Cadillac ATS.

To get an idea of what the creators were trying to accomplish, view this trailer:


Aerodynamics is an important part of a car’s abilities. Every year automakers invest millions of dollars researching and engineering aerodynamics while maintaining beautiful car designs. Crosswinds, fuel-efficiency, performance, aerodynamics affects it all.

So how does the Cadillac ATS stand up to the most rugged winds in the world?

Brembo Brakes:

0-60 is important, but 60-0 can be a lifesaver. To test a car’s braking abilities, you need an unforgiving stretch of pavement that includes downward slopes that push the brakes to their limits.

Cadillac sent their crew to the steep cliff-side roads of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains to find out just how well the ATS handles rough braking.

Engine Power and Performance:

Any American driver worth their salt wants good engine power, and the Cadillac ATS delivers. But how does it handle one of the most challenging racetracks in the world, Monaco’s Grand Prix.

With hairpin turns, tight spaces, and steep climbs, the Monaco raceway puts any vehicle to the test, especially a production car. But as we find out, the Cadillac ATS isn’t like other production cars.

Magnetic Ride Control:

A smooth ride and excellent handling are essential for any vehicle, but you’re held to a high standard when driving a Cadillac. The ATS, with its magnetic ride control, makes for a smooth ride on any surface.

The Gouliang Tunnel in China makesĀ  the perfect testing spot for the ATS. Carved over a period of five years, this track literally cuts through a mountain to get to the top, and leaves no room for driver error, or car error!

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