Does Shaq Really Drive a LaCrosse? All Signs Point to Yes

Does Shaq Really Drive a LaCrosse? All Signs Point to Yes

You’ve probably seen the commercials.

The 7’1″ Shaquille O’Neal sits behind the wheel of a Buick LaCrosse, touting the vehicle’s “sophisticated styling, fresh technology, and 36 mpg highway.”

But does the NBA legend really drive a Buick LaCrosse? The answer may surprise you…

While the Buick LaCrosse is loaded with luxury features like premium leather-appointed seating and a soft-touch instrument panel, it still remains one of the most affordable luxury cars available. (MSRP for 2013 Buick LaCrosse starts at less than $32,000)


If you haven’t seen the Shaq commercials, here’s one for you:


The commercials have many people wondering: does Shaq actually drive a Buick LaCrosse? Wouldn’t his giant frame merit something much larger, like a fully loaded Cadillac Escalade ESV? Wouldn’t his millions of dollars in NBA earnings, endorsement deals, and TV contracts justify something well over the Buick’s price range, like a Bentley Flying Spur?

Well, Automotive News is confirming that Shaq does actually drive a 2013 Buick LaCrosse.

According to Buick spokesman Nick Richards, Shaq has received a black 2013 Buick LaCrosse, and will receive a 2014 model as soon as they are available.

Okay, so he owns one. Anyone who’s ridden in a Buick LaCrosse one knows it’s roomy, but can it really fit the “Big Aristotle” comfortably?

During a recent NBA postgame show, Shaq said it takes him about 2 seconds to get into his Buick LaCrosse. Not bad. So not only does Shaq own a Buick LaCrosse, but he is also on record saying that he drives it too. Clearly, if the Buick LaCrosse is roomy and stylish enough for Shaquille O’Neal, it will make a great car for just about anyone.

One thing is certain; the new Buick commercials featuring Shaquille O’Neal are charming and energetic, giving credit to Buick and the 2013 LaCrosse.

Buick LaCrosse: Room and Style for Cedar Rapids


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