GMC-Certified Auto Service Center Near Cedar Rapids

GMC-Certified Auto Service Center Near Cedar Rapids

Iowa Residents Can Count on McGrath Buick GMC for GMC-Certified Auto Care

With all the harsh winters in the surrounding communities, drivers looking for GMC-certified auto service near Cedar Rapids need look no further than McGrath Buick GMC. Here at Pat McGrath, our technicians are specially trained to ensure that you drive out of our maintenance bays knowing your vehicle is safe for the road. Our technicians also go out of their way to take every preventative measure to avoid future problems, so if you’re looking for a place to get your next oil change look to the service department at McGrath Buick GMC!


Oil Change Ambiguities Averted

GMC’s new vehicles make it easy to know when you need to schedule GMC-certified auto service with their new engine oil monitoring system called the GMC Oil Life System. This is a technology that provides you with a variety of essential knowledge about the status of your oil. The new Oil Life system takes the guesswork out of changing your oil by:

  • Letting you know at what rate the oil quality is degrading or deteriorating
  • Informing you how your oil functions as a result of your engine temperature
  • Sensing and monitoring all operating conditions
  • Helping you understand your driving habits better
  • Telling you exactly when an oil change is necessary
  • Is always reset by your technician every time you car’s brought in for an oil change


McGrath Buick GMC Offers a Wide Range of Auto Services

When you get your vehicle repaired by a GMC-certified auto service center, not only can you expect a high-level of expertise in every aspect of your auto care, but you can also look forward to receiving only genuine GMC OEM parts and components for all of your replacement parts. Car owners looking for repairs at McGrath Buick GMC will be able to get OEM components should they need them during the course of:

  • Fan belt replacement
  • Brake pad, rotor, caliper, insulation, or hardware maintenance or replacement
  • Power steering maintenance
  • Tire mounting or replacement
  • Transmission service or replacement
  • Fuel system work
  • And anything else that needs to be fixed!

Schedule Your Next Appointment at Pat McGrath Buick GMC

Pat McGrath makes it easy to schedule a service appointment online so that you can efficiently and quickly set a date and time to come in. Just fill out the appropriate fields, print a copy for your records, and we’ll get right back to you and confirm your appointment!

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