How Brake Relining Works


Brake pad replacement, also known as relining, is an essential vehicle maintenance procedure you’ll probably need to have done in your vehicle’s lifetime. The service team at Pat McGrath Buick GMC Cadillac, one of Cedar Rapid’s preferred GMC dealers, would be happy to help with brake relining, as well as other important services. The key is knowing when you need to replace your pads to avoid more expensive repairs or a possible accident.

For example, consider a situation where you’re driving and you suddenly see that traffic ahead of you has come to a halt. You have more than enough room to stop, so you don’t panic — but as you hit the brakes, they start to squeal and you notice that it takes longer to stop than normal. This is a good indicator that your brakes pads need to be replaced.

Stay Safe with Regular Brake Relining

There’s a better way to know when your brakes need relining than to waiting for a dangerous scenario like the one listed above. Your vehicle’s manual contains a service schedule for different vehicle components and should list when your brakes need replacing. If you rely a little more heavily on your brakes, than it’s a good idea to get your brakes relined more often.

The way your brakes work is actually pretty simple: by applying friction to your wheel they reduce forward momentum. When you hit your brake pedal, hydraulic pressure clamps the brake calipers onto the wheel rotors, slowing your vehicle. To avoid metal on metal grinding, brake pads are fixed to your calipers.

As you use your brakes, though, friction between the rotors and pads wears the pads down, making them less effective over time. If left alone, the worn pads can begin to grind into the rotors, creating a costly repair, as well as increasing the chance of brake failure.

During maintenance, the brake pads are simply removed and replaced with new ones. Here at McGrath Buick GMC we also check the integrity of the rotors to make sure they haven’t received any wear.

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