How Often Should You Tune Up Your Car?

Tips on How to Know if Your Vehicle Needs a Tune-Up


2012 Buick Enclave

2012 Buick Enclave

Here at McGrath Buick GMC Cadillac, we offer much more than just an amazing selection of quality pre-owned Buicks like the Enclave or the LaCrosse; we also provide a full-service auto service center for our customers in the Hiawatha area! Most drivers understand that regular auto maintenance is essential to keeping you car in good working order — but how can you tell it’s time to bring it into the shop?

We ensure great customer service and want to help in any way we can. This is why we provide automotive tips for buyers. Below are some ways to tell if your car needs a tune-up and when you should bring it in to a professional (like us!).

Know When to Get a Tune-Up

Chances are, if your car is doing something is shouldn’t be, you’ll notice. Weird noises, start-up issues, and strange driving and braking behaviors are all red flags that you should bring your car in. While it’s always best to get any questions you might have answered by a professional quickly, here are a couple no-brainer signs that your vehicle needs a much-needed tune-up.

  • Your car stalls often. Most likely this is happening because of a faulty or worn out spark plug, a gap between the electrode and spark plug needs adjusting, or an electronic device needs to be corrected — all of which are fairly simple fixes. Before taking it in, notice if it stalls in cold or hot weather or when your air conditioner is on, as it will help in determining the root problem.
  • When speeding up or idling, the engine runs roughly or makes frightening noises. While it should go without saying, make sure you get that checked out before your engine breaks down!
  • It’s difficult to start your car. A weak battery may be the culprit here or something could be wrong with your start-up system. It also could be because of a weak fuel pump, faulty ignition system, or a problem with the electronic control unit. Rather than guess, it’s best to let the professionals look at your car to figure it out.

Come to McGrath for All Your Service Needs!

Located in Hiawatha, IN, make an appointment online and visit our services department for your maintenance and auto care needs. Let our certified technicians take a look at your vehicle and give you the best deal possible. Make sure to ask about our service specials. Find directions here and stop by. We look forward to meeting you!

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